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The Gazebo at the Historic Area
Kennekuk County Park

Regulations of the Gazebo

In order to maintain the beauty and demeanor of the Gazebo,
the following regulations will be followed:

  1. Weddings may be scheduled for a two hour time period by calling the Visitor Center at Kennekuk at 442-1691.  The rental fee for a wedding is $30.00

  2. Decorations may include potted plants or any free standing flowers or ornaments.  No crepe paper will be allowed.  If candles are used, make sure they are drip less and protect the floor from candle drips with covering.

  3. Absolutely no nails, staples, tape, tacks, push pins, or other devices shall be attached to the gazebo.  Electrical ties or string may be used if needed for small lights.

  4. No food, candy, gum or drinks may be brought into the gazebo.

  5. Chairs may be brought into the gazebo for wedding guests or may be placed on the grass outside the gazebo.  The VCCD will not provide chairs.

  6. Absolutely no tents allowed near the Gazebo.

  7. Please do not throw birdseed, rice or silk petals.

  8. All decorations are to be removed immediately following the wedding.  Do not remove or disturb any existing decorations or live plantings that are permanent aspects of the Gazebo.