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Forest Glen Preserve Library
Staff Office Building

The Forest Glen Preserve Library maintains over 3,000 volumes of books and print material.  These items may be checked out by the general public.  A sampling of books is listed below:

The Arena of Life; Milne, Lorus and Margery; The dynamics of ecology; photos and diagrams.

Behold Our Green Mansions; Boerker, Richard H.D.; The American forest restoration, conservation, timber and more.

A Complete Guide to Birdfeeding; Dennis, John V.; Information on what birds expect and when, choosing the right bird feeder, and stocking it with suitable bird feed.

The Dictionary Of Useful Plants; Coon, Nelson; An organic farming and gardening book with information on hundreds of plants throughout the United States; illus.

A First Book Of Forestry; Roth, Filbert; Care and protection of the forest; illus.

Flora of Illinois; Jones, George Neville; Contains keys for identification of the flowering plants of Illinois.

Handbooks of American Natural History; Cornell University Press; Frogs and Toads; Snakes I and II; Lizards; Salamanders; Turtles.

Integrated Principles of Zoology; Mosby 6th Edition

Jacques Cousteau Series; The Whales; Diving Companions; Life and Death in a Coral Sea; Three Adventures Galapagos - Tiicaca - The Blue Holes; Octopus & Squid; The Shark; Diving for Sunken Treasure; Dolphins

National Audubon Society Illustrated Handbook of American Birds; Reilly, Jr., Edgar M.; Describes in detail habits, life history and appearance of every bird found in the United States; illus.

Ornithology in Laboratory and Field; Pettingill, Jr., Olin Sewall; An aid to ornithological study at the college or university level.

Peterson Field Guides; Rocks & Minerals, Shells, Butterflies, Insects, Birds

The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Insects; Stanek,  V.J.; More than 1,000 black and white and color photos.  Details feeding habits, life cycles, colors and sizes of these creatures.

Prairie State; Angle, Paul M.; Impressions of Illinois 1673-1967 by Travelers and Others Observers

TallGrass Prairie - The Inland Sea; Duncan, Patricia D.; A record of authors love affair with the land; photos.

Textbook of Dendrology; Harlow, Ph.D., William M. & Harrar, Ph.D., Ellwood S.; The study of trees, habits and ranges.

Trees; Feininger, Andreas; Tree appreciation - their magic and mystery.

Wildflowers of America; Rickett, H.W.; 400 color plates from paintings by Mary Walcott and Dorothy Platt, Common and scientific names and descriptions.

Wild Rivers of North American; Jenkinson, Michael; Running our magnificent wilderness rivers by canoe, kayak, or raft; photos.

The VCCD also maintains audio-visual materials for loan.  To reserve materials listed below call, write or e-mail:

Forest Glen County Preserve
20301 East 900 North Road
Westville, IL 61883

Nature study kits and videocassettes (VHS) are available to teachers and youth group leaders in Vermilion County.  Loan period of one week for videos, two weeks for the nature study kits.  There is no charge for loans to county schools or youth group leaders.

Materials to be loaned will be delivered to your school office.  At the end of the specified loan period, please have materials ready in your school office for our staff to pick up.

Travel kits may contain posters, pictures, slides and natural objects for the teacher and class to use and examine.  Please try to avoid damage to the kits, and return all materials to the correct kit.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Available are:

NATURE STUDY KITS (2 weeks loan)

Amphibians and Reptiles Insects
Astronomy Mammals
Birds Plants & Trees
Geology Weather
Indians & Pioneers Wetlands

VIDEOS (1 week loan)

A Home for Pearl   (70 min.) Acid Rain   (30 min.)
Attracting Birds to your Backyard     (60 min.) Guide to N. American Birds Series I-V   (60-94 min.)
Backyard Safari  (60 min.) Bats are Beautiful  (22 min.)
The Rotten World of Fungus   (29 min.) Orchids vs. Hamburger  (27 min.)
Bats, Myths and Reality   (16 min.) Birds of Illinois   (15 min.)
Bluebirds Up Close   (55 min.) Buffalo Still Roams  (20 min.)
Guide to Waterfowl and Game Birds (75 min.) Endangered Species Act  (8 min.)
Environments   (29 min.) The Great Blue Heron Story  (20 min.)
Hummingbirds Up Close   (55 min.)
Discovering Endangered Species  (40 min.)
Legacy For A Loon   (20 min.) Life On Earth - 2 tapes  (232 min.)
Loon Country By Canoe  (30 min.)
Mammal Series-Deer, Wild Cat/Dog, Weasel  (60 min.)
Meet The Grebes  (20 min.) More Dinosaurs  (30 min.)
Patterns of The Wild/Natures Half Acre  (60 min.) Plains (43 min.)
Prehistoric World  (30 min.) Recycle It Yourself  (60 min.)
River's End-Story of the IL River (28 min.) Seasons  (34 min.)
Seasons of the Whitetail Deer  (20 min.) Seasons of the Woodlands  (20 min.)
Techniques of Birding  (60 min.) Trees, Shrubs, Nuts & Berries  (60 min.)
Trumpeter Swan Returns  (20 min.) Turkeys in the Wild   (20 min.)
Two Little Owls  (20 min.)
In Celebration of America's Wildlife (57 min.)
Vanishing Prairie  (60 min.) Watching Birds  (60 min.)
Watching The Whales  (30 min.) Yellowstone  (73 min.)
Yellowstone Fire  (30 min.) Indians/ East. Woodlands   (60 min.)
More Than Bows & Arrows- Contributions of Am. Indians (60 min.) Invasive Plants  (20 min.)
Jewels of Blue-East. Bluebird  (30 min.)  
National Audubon Society Series I-X 
(60 min. each)
Black-Footed Ferret
Ducks Under Siege
Wood Stork
Grizzly & Man
Common Ground
Message From the Birds
Panthers & Cougars
Fascinating World of Animals I-III 
(60 min. each)
Grasslands & Deserts
Rainforest & Woodlands
Water & Ice
Secret Series  (15 min. each)
The Ant & Insect World
The Bee World
The Underwater World
The Plant World
Tell Me Why Series I-IV  (30 min. each)
Animals & Arachnids
Gems, Metals & Minerals
Life Forms, Animals, Oddities
Eyewitness I-II (35 min. each)