Most Productive Strains


Spawn is sawdust type, inoculated in April on 3-8 oak logs, 3 feet in length.  After the Primary Laying stage is complete (August), logs are re-located to one of the three demonstration sites, Kennekuk (ravine), Tree Research Area (deciduous canopy), Conifer (Ellis Area in Michael G. Reddy Arboretum - complete shade).

The following is a listing of our most productive strains and our recommendations of strains for central Illinois.  Production was from years 2000-2004.


Strain Type
1 Snow Cap Cold Weather
2 D.A. Bolshoi Cold Weather
3 West Wind 44 Wide Range
4 Night Velvet Warm Weather
5 Southwind Warm Weather

The sites ranked in order of the heaviest production during this same time period is as follows:

Rank Site
1 Kennekuk
2 Tree Research Area
3 Conifers