20301 E 900 N RD., WESTVILLE, IL 61883


1. The trail is marked by red arrows, orange plates or orange bands around the trees.  Markers must be used in conjunction with the map for guidance.  Total length of the trail is approximately 11 miles.  Markers may not be visible if walking trail in reverse.

2. The trail begins at the Staff Office on the Old Barn Trail.   From here, the trail follows the Deer Meadow Trail to Sycamore Hollow Campus.  From the campus follow the Willow Creek Trail and Primitive Loop.  Water is available here except during winter months.  The first campsite is available at the Group Campgrounds.  The second campsite is located at the east camp on the extreme east end of the trail.  There are no facilities for water at either camp, but there are restrooms.  Winding through the Duffin Nature Area, the Back Pack Trail intersects the Big Woods Trail and leads to the entrance drive road.

3. After crossing the road, the trail follows the southern boundary of the park, past the Doris Westfall Prairie, and back to the Staff Office.


1. Turn in a completed  Back Pack Trail Required Registration Form at either the Staff Office or the Ranger Station at least one week BEFORE hiking.  Registration may be e-mailed to  Please call the office at Forest Glen 217-662-2142 to confirm that your registration was received.

2. Camping is allowed only in the two designated areas.

3. No fires, except in designated areas within the campsites.

4. Carry out all litter and refuse that you bring in.

5. Pick up any litter along the trail that might have been previously left behind.  Please help preserve the beauty of this trail.

6. All plants and wildlife are protected.

7. Fishing in the Vermilion River is governed by state regulations.


Halfway point is the river below tower 5.5 miles
Staff Office to campus area 1.5 miles
Staff Office to Group Camp 3.0 miles
Staff Office to river below tower 5.5 miles
Staff Office to East Camp 7.5 miles
East Camp to entrance drive 2.5 miles
entrance drive to Staff Office 1.0 mile
Total 11.0 miles