The Michael G. Reddy Arboretum was established in 1977. Mike Reddy was a quadriplegic and worked as a naturalist on the VCCD staff. He used the arboretum extensively until his death in 1991.

The arboretum is a 40 acre collection of specimen plantings of trees and shrubs totaling over 500 different species. Illinois native trees are emphasized, however non-natives are also featured. The oaks total over 35 species and there are 22 species of pine. There are also good collections of ash, willow, viburnum, crab apple, and larch.

This is one of the very few arboretums in which leaf collecting for students is encouraged. An arboretum guide may be purchased for $3.00. A guided leaf collecting tour is offered each September. For more information call 217-662-2142.