Illinois Nature Preserves

The Vermilion County Conservation District maintains six Illinois Nature Preserves within its properties.  A listing and brief description is found below.

Forest Glen Preserve

  • Russell Duffin Woods: 160 acres; located at the main entrance drive, just into the woods; deep forested ravines, beech/maple forest
  • Forest Glen Seep: 8 acres; located at the northeast boundary, accessible via the Group Camp road, take trail down hill from Site 1, cross creek, located on east side; marsh marigold, skunk cabbage, silky dogwood
  • Howard’s Hollow Seep: 30 acres; located just north to the Gannett Outdoor Education Center via Willow Creek Trail; marsh marigold and skunk cabbage
  • Doris L. Westfall Nature Preserve: 40 acres; located on south boundary of park; 100 species of Native prairie grasses and forbs

Kennekuk County Park

  • Windfall Prairie: 32 acres; located on the western boundary, bordering the Middle Fork River; accessible by Lake Mingo Trail, park at Lake Mingo dam, proceed across dam and follow trail until you reach the fenced enclosure; side oats grama, Indian grass, purple coneflower, juniper, prairie dock; prairie is slowly slipping into Middle Fork River
  • Horseshoe Bottoms: 51.8 acres located just north of Windfall Prairie, not easily accessible; follow old roadway to Windfall Prairie; connect onto horse trail to Horseshoe Bottoms vicinity; advised to use maps available; bottomland forest

For more information on the VCCD nature preserves, Contact Cole Craft at 217-662-2142